Double Exposure is best known for their 1970’s hits on the Sal-Soul Record Label “Ten Percent”, “My Love Is Free”, “Everyman”, and “Perfect Lover”. Ask any true Double Exposure fan and they will tell you that these guys have a long rich history in the music business, which spans over five decades.

Leonard “Butch” Davis, Joe Harris, Charles Whittington, and the late Jimmy Williams were one of the few groups in history to perform together with all its original members intact before any changes were made.

This accomplishment was recognized by “The National Rhythm and Blues Music Society” with a “Lifetime Achievement Award”, which allowed them to be recently inducted into “The Legends of Vinyl Hall of Fame”.

It was because of their love, passion, and contributions to the music industry that they also recently received a “Black History Month Music Award” for their artistic contributions.

Double Exposure has received numerous awards along with Gold Records for their hits “Ten Percent” and “My Love Is Free” both in the United States and abroad.

In October of 2016, Jimmy Williams passed away after a long bout with cancer. His death, along with the illness of Charles Whittington, generated one relevant question: “Was Double Exposure Done For?”

The answer is NO!

Vowing to keep the group alive, Butch and Joe launched a search for two replacements and after a few months of auditioning singers, they finally found the guys they were looking for: Lorenzo Bell and Kenny Pitt; the perfect fit.

Double Exposure is back and performing once again. They’re having a lot of fun on stage and it shows in their routines. This is a new show, which brings a new energy to the stage. Once again, Double Exposure is back, in order to become one of the most sought after acts in the business.

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